Thursday, January 27, 2011

Relax & Enjoy Yourself

Here are a few features I've shot this week. Above is Clarence and his wife Imogene. Clarence turn 100 years old on Tuesday. He and his wife both live at a nursing home together in Jasper. They enjoy playing Bingo together. It's very sweet. 

The second image was from a Trivia night, that was a little overwhelming. I walked into a large room with a ton of people. But it was hard to find how to shoot without being awkward. It was very clear that I was the outsider. Then in walks this group all dressed up in kimonos. They were in good spirits and it made it a whole lot easier to shoot. 

I'm a little disappointed. I've had two stories fall through. My first ones. Not off to a great track record. I've got more ideas forming in my head but man... what a bummer. It just goes to show you that it happens to everyone.

But on the bright side... these people in the kimonos gave me a fortune cookie.... 

Friday, January 21, 2011

The blog has gone black & white

So it's been about two week - okay more like three - since moving to Jasper, Indiana. I have to say, it's very nice to be back in the midwest, or the heartland, as it does have a bit of my heart. I have most definitely been hitting the pavement for feature hunting. Some days are better than others. But this is such a different pace than what I have been going for the last two years. It is so strange. Its slow and it is encouraged to be slow. To take my time and think. Which is really difficult for me to grasp at this point. But I'm trying to just be slow. I haven't quite caught on fully but it will come with time. 

This was my very first feature in Jasper. Don't be fooled by their cuteness. I almost got bit for trying to pet too soon. I'm so sorry to this woman for having disturbed her otherwise peaceful walk. It was kind of nerve racking though... anybody remember the timed assignment in Marcy's class???

This was my first real assignment - to photograph the re-opening of this historic church that had been closed down and over the years became dilapidated. This pastor along with another and some community members worked together to get in working order. The turnout that morning was not good. Hopefully with time the word will spread and their congregation flourish.

Coming into this internship is much like the others. I was sooo nervous to be good. But my boss, Dave, has made it pretty clear that all I have to do is be me. I've been making pictures everyday, working on making connections with people, trying to get stories started. It is slow. But it's beginning to have its payoff. I'll be starting some stories here shortly.

I'm trying to not get caught in a rut of cute kid features which is difficult but as I find my way into the community I think I will continue to encounter real moments. Most generally, the people who live Dubois County are very accepting and warm. I just need to be patient.