Thursday, January 27, 2011

Relax & Enjoy Yourself

Here are a few features I've shot this week. Above is Clarence and his wife Imogene. Clarence turn 100 years old on Tuesday. He and his wife both live at a nursing home together in Jasper. They enjoy playing Bingo together. It's very sweet. 

The second image was from a Trivia night, that was a little overwhelming. I walked into a large room with a ton of people. But it was hard to find how to shoot without being awkward. It was very clear that I was the outsider. Then in walks this group all dressed up in kimonos. They were in good spirits and it made it a whole lot easier to shoot. 

I'm a little disappointed. I've had two stories fall through. My first ones. Not off to a great track record. I've got more ideas forming in my head but man... what a bummer. It just goes to show you that it happens to everyone.

But on the bright side... these people in the kimonos gave me a fortune cookie.... 

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