Thursday, September 19, 2013

Molly Brunsman - A Portrait of Persistance

Molly Brunsman of Huntingburg, 14, huddled with her teammates in a pre-game cheer at the National Wheelchair Basketball Association's Junior National Invitational Tournament in Louisville on April 18. It was her first season participating in the wheelchair basketball league, and her first opportunity as someone with a disability to fully participate in a team sport. When Molly was 5, a farm accident left her with a crushed pelvis. She hasn't let the disability define her and pushes the boundaries of her capabilities.
Molly, third from left, exploded into cheers alongside her wheelchair basketball teammates as their team rallied points during a game in Louisville on April 18.
Molly stood on the periphery of the Southridge Middle School track team as the girls prepared to load the buses to depart from the school for an away track meet May 1. Because she can't participate in many organized sports, Molly, now a freshman at Southridge High School, was the student manager for the volleyball, basketball and track teams throughout middle school.

Sitting behind her father and school bus driver, Donovan Brunsman, right, Molly greeted members of the Southridge Middle School track team as they loaded the bus at Southridge for an away track meet May 1. Molly was the team manager.
Molly paused for a moment while students took turns jumping off the diving board during gym class at Southridge Middle School on May 10. Swimming is one of Molly's favorite physical activities because the water makes her more buoyant, which takes the pressure off her hips and allows her to move more freely.
Molly carried bottles of milk to the barn to feed a pair of calves at her father's farm in Huntingburg on July 11. She said she likes taking care of the calves because it teaches her responsibility. "Taking care of the calves, in a way, teaches me to take care of myself," she said

As she completed her eighth-grade year, Molly glanced into a classroom while on a tour of Southridge High School with her father, Donovan, and guidance counselor Amanda Pulley on May 17. Molly and her parents were concerned that her classrooms in the new environment might be too far from each other and she wouldn't be able to make it from one to another without being tardy.
During her first homeroom period as a freshman at Southridge High School on Aug. 8, Molly talked with classmate Jazziman Cissell.

After returning from a church camp in Merom, Molly was greeted by members of her congregation at Salem Church of Christ in Huntingburg on July 21. Faith has been a large part of Molly's life, and she goes to church with her mother, Deb, and her brother, Derek, every Sunday.

Freedom Reins Therapeutic Riding Center instructor Jennifer Branch of Huntingburg helped Molly dismount her horse, Rex, during a riding lesson at the Jasper center June 27. Getting on and off the horse are the most difficult parts of her riding lessons, but Molly recently has been able to accomplish the feat by herself.
Molly walked with her mother, Deb, after finishing her riding lesson at Freedom Reins Therapeutic Riding Center in Jasper on June 27.

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